The website of King Harold School has recently been redesigned and rebuilt to address the school’s changing needs and preferences. Here’s a reminder of the previous design.

Old Design:

View the new design…

New Design:

Key changes:

  • The header section with school logo and photos is more prominent and clearer
  • A dropdown navigation is employed for ease-of-access to all pages from the front page
  • Flickr photo gallery appears ‘above the fold’
  • News headlines, Archives, RSS subscription and Search all available from left sidebar
  • Useful Links
  • Diary dates – next 5 events from calendar displayed
  • Latest Letters – last 5 letter links
  • Notices – last 3 school notices in accordian format to save screen space

Anything missing?

If this was your website which additional features would you like to have on your homepage?

Please comment or get in touch!